About Us

Yugali Bharote - Artistic Director, Choreographer & Freelance Performer

(Member of Halton region steering committee)

Dance is not about just moving your body or following others...its a activity to feel and experience!

Dance is passion and hobby for me from my childhood. It is best way to rejuvenate yourself (Way to Bliss Mind and Soul!). I believe that we should give time to our passion, this helps you to be focused every where, in any work!...... as it makes you relax and calm!

I am Professionally trained and certified in Bollywood dance and Acting and now happy to share my knowledge with others!

I think only knowledge is thing which increases after sharing....and Dancing is always something what I like to share!! Hence giving time to it by taking classes, choreographing events and performances! I was doing it in India, US and now...in Burlington, Canada with dance studio of size 30' X 23'.

India is rich country for Folk Dance and Classical Dance. Each form of dance is originated in different parts of India, developed according to the local traditions. I have learned most of them (and wish to keep learning as many as I can). Also, have completed professional course of Bollywood dance and acting from India.

My aim is to share details of Bollywood style dance, Indian folk dances which I have learned from my childhood, from my all Gurus (Rameshwar Palaskar, Amrita Terkar, Santosh Gaikwad and Aarohini didi) with easy techniques and simple terms. Their guidance and support is biggest blessing to me!